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On the heels of the origin of the Far East. A legend is that there is a 15th century merchant of Venice, a beautiful wife to go out when the fear of misconduct, gave his wife a pair of custom-made Air Max TN high heel shoes, to prevent the wife was away. Can see that this two-odd shoes, his wife, I feel very fun, let the street with her maid, stole the show. People think her Nike Air MaxAir Max shoes are beautiful, to follow suit. So pop open a high-heeled shoes quickly.Another argument is derived from the French King Louis XIV. At the time, Louis XIV suffer from their own short stature, can not fully show his subjects in front of noble bearing, he commanded his men gave him a pair of custom high heels. Since then men and women who have followed the French aristocracy, and soon spread throughout the country and the European continent.

Also according to legend, the birth of the modern style of high heels dynasty in the 18th century Louis XIV of France. At that time, many young and beautiful palace ladies possessor, they have lost the lonely palace life monotonous, often slipped out of the house to go to various Air Max 2009 Air Max 2009non-social activities.Louis XIV was very angry, issued a series of court ban, but still can not stop the ladies to go out. Then someone offered advice to Louis XIV, these ladies can be turned around so no the shadow, the key is not the fetters of the foot.If the same idea can be to make them mobility, they can not easily eviction was. Louis XIV one, think it a good idea. But by what Air Max Ltd method? Apparatus with the leg irons set up like it, so the lack of humanity. And the application of those instruments of torture ladies prettily, but also (!@##) too harsh.

Furthermore, if the court was full of ladies with see fetters, which the court, what refined and civilized at all. Appears only in the shoes make a fuss. So. He tasked to design a tricky shoe cobbler to remediation of the ladies who love slip. At that time, the tragedy of the French actor on the stage wearing a dramatic full-height shoes, the shoemaker from here to be inspired to create the post-high heels. It is said that this is the origin of the Nike Air Max Tn modern high-heeled shoes.Louis XIV was a bunch of shapes that look chic high-heeled shoes, so when the ladies wear, ladies scared to hurt. Do everything possible to quibble refused to wear Air Max 2011 Air Max 2011, but Wang Ming Nanwei, and finally had complained to wear high heels to see the face. Guaizai! After a period of tough training, the ladies came out to walk freely. Moreover, they found that high heels make the body look slender and beautiful, actually liked high heels, high heels do not wear a non-.The fashionable women of Paris to see the high heels, much praise, and follow suit. Thus, high heels spread by the court of France, and around the world. Wearing high heels can look slender and beautiful body, legs, slender shape (the proportion of women decision on the lower body), it is estimated this is the real reason.

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Air Max TN
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